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chiropractic budapest

Which one fits most closely with your personal views about health?

What to expect on your first visit!

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out our intake forms (unless they have been sent to you beforehand and they are finished) before the initial examination. Part of the exam is done with the help of the chiropractic assistants in the office. Dr. Zsolt completes the examinations and decides weather you need any other exams or if there are any contraindications to receiving massage or chiropractic care. If not and we believe your case can benefit from our treatments your first adjustment can be given. You do have the choice to wait with treatment until you receive your report of findings on your second visit.

The physical examination includes orthopeadic, neurological and specific chiropractic examinations with the addition of a computerized postural exam and infrared spinal heat imaging. The photo will be taken of you from the front and side, you will need to undress for this. If you wouldn’t like to have your picture taken in underware then please bring tight fitting pants or shorts and a short sleeve tight top.

Subsequent visits

Your complete exam results will have been interpreted by Dr. Zsolt and will be presented to you on your second visit. This is what we call a “Report of Findings” you will at this time also be given your treatment plan followed by your second adjustment/treatment.

Our goal is to offer as much information as possible for you to be able to make the best decision for yourself regarding your healthcare choices.