Consultation Fees


First visit exam and consultation(Does not include treatment)
0-5 years of age15.000 HUF
From 6 years of age 25.000 HUF
Adjustement/ Treatment
10.000 HUF


Re-activation fee

(complete new examination – without treatment) 

From the date of your last treatment, if: 

1-5 years ago 6.000 HUF
more than 5 years ago20.000 HUF

Consultation fee, 20 minutes 

(personallyby phone, skype): 

5.000 HUF 

Safe Laser with a SL500 laser unit 

Treatments are done per body part. One treament consist of maximum 2 body parts, or one larger area treated on 2 points. 

For our existing patients: 

3.000 HUF/ session 

Any other customers: 

4.000 HUF/session 

Bodyparts beyond the original 2 have a surcharge of 

1.000 HUF/area/session 

Rita HolenkaMedical masseuse, reflexologist
Medical/Therapeutic Massage (60 min.)10.000 HUF
Foot massage (30 min.)6.000 HUF
Neck, shoulder & upper back massage (30 Min.)6.000 HUF
Lymph massage (90 min.)14.000 HUF
Pregnancy massageSubject to time
Baby massage (30 min.)6.000 HUF



Ágnes Pattantyús-ÁbrahámPhysiotherapist
Physiotherapy (60 min.)11.000 HUF



Payment options

You have the choice of paying us with cash, credit/debit cards (exception: AMEX). SZÉP card and hungarian private insurance cards, for list see below.

We have contracts with the following insurance companies:

Tempo / Dimenzió / Generali / Prémium / Patika / Új Pillér / OTP EP /OTP SZÉP /  MKB / Vasutas / Allianz / K&H SZÉP