Consultation Fees


Sear Patients, 

Please note that you will be charged a standby fee, which corresponds to the full amount of the service fee in case you fail to notify us of your absence at least 24 hours before the start of the appointment. Please do your best to notify us well in advance if you cannot attend your appointment, and we will gladly find time to reschedule for you.


Zsolt Kálbori, Áron Csonka 

First visit exam and consultation (Does not include treatment)
From 0-4 years35 000 Ft
Under  4 years of age30 000 Ft
Adjustment / Treatment (Adult, Children)
Adjustment / Treatment14 500 Ft
Re-activation fee
Re-activation fee (within 5 years)12 000 Ft
Re-activation fee (over 5 years)35 000 Ft
Consultation fee
If you are not sure whether you need chiropractic care or not you can ask for a personal/online/phone consultation (max. 20 min) before booking an examination time.5 000 Ft

Adjunct treatments

Dry needling
Dry needling14 500 Ft
Dry needling combined with chiropractic treatment
23 000 Ft
Craniofacial release (CFR)
CFR combined with chiropractic treatment
29 000 Ft
Safe Laser (SL 500)
Safe Laser (SL 500)4 000 Ft
Safe Laser combined with chiropractic treatment
17 000 Ft
Additional body parts to be treated1 000 Ft

Treatments are done per body part. One treament consist of maximum 2 body parts, or one larger area treated on 2 points.

Craniosacral Therapy

Kinga Szubert

Availibility fee of 5000 Ft. will be charged if cancelation occurs within 24-48 hrs. If cancelation is within 24 hrs. then the full fee is charged.
Medical history + Treatment (120 minutes) 25 000 Ft
Adult treatment . 12 yrs. and above (60 min.)20 000 Ft
Availibility fee
20 000 Ft
Medical history + Treatment (90 minutes) 20 000 Ft
Availibility fee
20 000 Ft
Treatment (30 minutes) 15 000 Ft
Availibility fee
15 000 Ft
Consultation fee
30 minutes  10 000 Ft

Medical and other Massage

Éva Németh, Zoltán Csipak

90 minutes20 000 Ft
60 minutes14 500 Ft
30 minutes 9 500 Ft


Ágnes Pattantyús-Ábrahám

60 minutes15 000 Ft

Safe Laser with a SL500 laser unit 

Treatments are done per body part. One treament consist of maximum 2 body parts, or one larger area treated on 2 points. 

For our existing patients: 

3.000 HUF/ session 

Any other customers: 

4.000 HUF/session 

Bodyparts beyond the original 2 have a surcharge of 

1.000 HUF/area/session 

Payment options

You have the choice of paying us with cash, credit/debit cards (exception: AMEX). SZÉP card and hungarian private insurance cards, for list see below.

We have contracts with the following insurance companies:

Tempo / Dimenzió / Generali / Prémium / Patika / Új Pillér / OTP EP /OTP SZÉP /  MKB / Vasutas / Allianz / K&H SZÉP