Consultation Fees


First visit exam and consultation (Does not include treatment)
0-5 years of age 9.000 HUF
From 6 years of age 18.000 HUF
Adjustement / Treatment
Adult 9.000 HUF
Children 0-17 years 7.000 HUF


Re-activation fee (complete new examination – without treatment) 

From the date of your last treatment, if: 

1-5 years ago 6.000 HUF
more than 5 years ago12.000 HUF
more than 10 years ago20.000 HUF

Consultation fee 20 minutes (personallyby phone, skype): 5.000 HUF 

Safe Laser with a SL 500 laser unit 

Treatments are done per body part. One treament consist of maximum 2 body partsor one larger area treated on 2 points. 

For our existing patients2.500 HUF/ session 

Any other customers: 3.500 HUF/session 

Bodyparts beyond the original 2 have a surcharge of 1.000 HUF/area/session 

Rita Holenka Medical masseuse, reflexologist
Medical/Therapeutic Massage (60 min.) 9.000 HUF
Foot massage (30 min.) 5.500 HUF
Neck, shoulder & upper back massage (30 Min.) 5.500 HUF
Lymph massage (90 min.) 12.000 HUF
Pregnancy massage Subject to time
Baby massage (30 min.) 5.500 HUF



Payment options

You have the choice of paying us with cash, credit/debit cards (exception: AMEX). SZÉP card and hungarian private insurance cards, for list see below.

We have contracts with the following insurance companies:

Tempo / Dimenzió / Generali / Prémium / Patika / Új Pillér / OTP EP /OTP SZÉP /  MKB / Vasutas / Allianz / K&H SZÉP