Who can benefit from Chiropractic care?

Anyone who is alive would benefit from having their spine checked for subluxations (misalignments).

Just like people regularly get dental check-ups, go for blood pressure exams or do it themselves at home, go for a mammograph, prostate- or other preventive screenings. We have gotten used to doing these as they are medical procedures. But our spines seem to have ended up so far in the back that we do not see it, hence we rarely get a spinal check-up, unless it starts hurting.

That is like getting your teeth checked only when they hurt. Can you imagine the look on your dentists face?

Why didn’t you come earlier, he would say?

In chiropractic, we do not have the “luxury” of pulling a vertebra if it hurts, gets inflamed or a disc herniates, like they can pull a tooth if the inflamation around it is so bad or the tooth is destroyed. It isn’t a great thing to do, but possible.

This is not an option when it come to the spine, so preventing deterioration of the spine should be in everyone’s best interest and it should start from early childhood.

We only do those thing regularly that we are taught or forced to do, like parents asking their children to brush their teeth probably 10.000 times by the age of 12. After that it becomes second nature to do it. What is we would do the same with spinal exercises. Do you think we could prevent some of today’s spinal problems? Surely we were not meant to sit in front of computer screens all day long. We have far too many muscles and joints that proves this otherwise. How about the nervous system that goes thru our spine to the rest of the body and back. After all, there is nothing that happens within the realm of human experience, that lies outside the control of the neural system! This system is being protected by our spines, that we so often neglect to take care of.

This paragraph was not meant to be this long, but I hope a point was made and some will understand.